Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Collaborating with First Academy of Computer Arts for the Project's Technical Resources

There was one thing that I realized after completing the list of key members of our production team. Most of us were/are either from Tuldok Animation Studios, Colorwheel Media Studios, and the the digital arts school First Academy of Computer Arts (FACA). I've been teaching there as a part-time film instructor since 2005. My lead animator Francis has also been an art instructor there since I came in. We've been talking about indie film projects perhaps for about 3 or 4 years now. Finally, we got this!!

Francis completed the animation team with talented students from FACA and they formed a new group they now call Bathala Studios. The rest of the production team was completed through my contacts from the project's producer Tuldok and our production house Colorwheel.

Considering the fact that most of us are in one way or another associated with FACA, I and Francis proposed to the school the possibility of becoming a sponsor of the "Bernardo Carpio" project. As an independent film production, our limited resources required us to look for more opportunities and help from varying companies and individuals.

Gratefully, like Hit Productions sponsoring our sound requirements, FACA gave us their support by allowing us to use the school's facilities as our primary production hub. In between our own resources at our homes and the brand new office of Tuldok Animation Studios situated less than 15 minutes away from FACA, we have a hub at a school where we all came from as mentors and students. Thanks to FACA for aiding us in finishing the film. :)

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