Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Our Project's History Consultant

Our history consultant is Ma. Mercedes G. Planta, Ph.D. of the University of the Philippines Department of History.

Information from:

Academic Rank: Associate Professor 4
Highest Degree attained: Ph.D. History (2009)
Current Administrative Position: Deputy Director, System Information Office, University of the Philippines System
Coordinator, East and Southeast Asian Studies
UP Center for International Studies
University of the Philippines Diliman

My research interest has been largely influenced by my family and since my family has always been strong on the natural sciences, I decided to work on the history of medicine. Since coming back to the department, I have been involved in developing our curriculum and I am now looking forward to teaching the historical development of science, technology and medicine.

Traditional Medicine in the Philippines (forthcoming). Book Project.
“The Sacred and the Sanitary: The Medicalization of the Filipino Body,” (co-author) in Turner, Bryan and Yangwen Zheng, The Body in Asia (UK/Europe: Berghahn Press, November 2009).
Book Review. Warwick Anderson, Colonial Pathologies: American Tropical Medicine, Race, and Hygiene in the Philippines (Durham: Duke University Press, 2006), xi, 355pp. Journal of Colonialism and Colonial History, Fall 2007.

Membership in Organization
Member. International Society of the History of Science, Technology, and Medicine
Member, Philippine National Historical Institute
Member, Philippine Historical Association
Member, Manila Studies Association (MSA)

Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, National University of Singapore (NUS) Research Fund, 2006
Rockefeller Archive Center Grant, 2005
Asia Research Institute, National University of Singapore Research Grant, 2005
Asia-Europe Institute Research Grant (AEI)
University of Malaya, April-May 2002
National University of Singapore Research Scholarship Award, 2003
University of the Philippines International Publication Award, 2003
University of the Philippines Faculty Development Fund, 2002
Philippine Social Science Council Travel Grant, 1999

Concept Artworks: Early Incarnations of the Film's 19th-century Philippines

Artworks by Lee Batula

Concept Artworks: Early Incarnations of Flashback Scenes

By Lee Batula

By Lee Batula

By Lee Batula