Wednesday, August 31, 2011

August 2011 Works and Developments

Our FB Group has been very busy for the past weeks. Lots of concept studies and developments. This FB platform is really very helpful with our production set-up. Plus, we don't need to always print out materials and the documents and photos always come in handy any time. :)

Here's one photo I found while doing some archiving of my old hard drive and finding some old pix along the way. This photo was an ocular we had in Montalban from many years back -- the time when we were about to shoot my film "Aninag" (Light's Play). So I readily took the uploaded photos in our FB group for references for our backgrounds.

Who would have thought that after a number of years, after shooting a live-action fantasy children's film, I'll be going back to this very location to shoot a new short?

It's actually an animated film about the Legend of Bernardo Carpio, but there are minimal live action parts in the script. So, see you soon again, Wawa Gorge! :)

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