Monday, May 2, 2011

"Project Bernardo Carpio" Synopsis and Tuldok Animation Recruitment Video

Welcome! First post!

It's almost time for the pitch for our initial plans for our shorts. This includes the story, treatment and other key aspects of the production. Here's my synopsis for the initial pitch...

"Project Bernardo Carpio" Synopsis:

Bernardo struggles to free himself from his chains, while he also duels with the powerful entity who led him to his demise under the mountains of Montalban. This character-driven story depicts a rivalry that unveils an account of Bernardo's life and the story behind “The Legend of Bernardo Carpio."

With many, many, many months of production to go, of course, it is not impossible to have certain changes as the project develops. But here's to chronicling how those developments progress...

About the film's title, still on the works... suggestions/recommendations/advice are welcome!!

Tuldok Recruitment Video for the Folktales Animated Project:

Yup! This trailer is talking to you!

After a successful completion and launch of our second project, "Pasintabi" and "Lines to Life" educational series, we are now opening membership to anyone who is willing and wants to help create an Original Philippine Animation Industry.

Visit our website to find out more about us,,and if you want to help out, go to the community section,, there you will do two things:
1. Fill up a quick questionnaire how you can help out
2. Register in the forum.

Only registered members with approved application forms will have access to the exclusive forums to exchange ideas, submit concept art, and contribute in their own special way.

See you at the Tambayan!

-Tuldok Animation Studios Team

Tuldok Animation Studios is a nonprofit organization whose goal is to bring Filipino Artists together to create an Original Filipino Animation Industry.
We are a virtual studio and our previous projects have been built up using community driven efforts inspired by our local custom of "Bayanihan".

Original music: "The Call" by Pepe Manikan

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